Saturday, February 12, 2011


President will preside over all meetings of Technology Club. The Presidents shall present all motions to the body present, and shall be present at no less than 75% of all meetings of the Organization. The President shall attend necessary Smith School of Business MBA Association meetings and functions as determined by the organization. President will share responsibility for organizing technology club events and managing organizational communications.

Executive Vice President will be responsible for conducting weekly meetings and operational activities. Will act in President’s stead when absent. Acts as chief advisor to the president and works along with the President for event planning.

Vice President – Part Time MBA Liaison: This position will be held by a Part-Time MBA student who will act as a Liaison between the Club, full time MBA members of BETA, and part time MBA members. She/he will also help coordinate with the Part Time MBAA for administrative and budget purposes.

Vice President – External Relations
will manage the external resource contacts, develop relations with alumni and company contacts, develop and maintain relationships with other business school student technology organizations, help organize events. Liaise with OCS, Alumni Relations to maintain contacts.

Vice President - Finance will handle finance, accounting and budgeting operations including the responsibility of presenting the Financial State of the Technology Club to the Executive Committee as asked, and for updating the Technology Club financial guidelines annually as well as working with MBAA and the Co-Presidents during the annual budgeting process to set up a budget.

Vice President – Technology & Communications
will manage organization’s member database, maintain communications, develop social networks within and outside of Smith, develop and maintain club websites, communicate with club members. Communicate about career development opportunities available through Faculty, OCS, Centers of Excellence and MTECH.


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